KMC’s periodic newsletter includes updated documents and contents on accounting, tax, human resources, investment and business.

Newsletter – September 2023

CIT incentives for new investment projects in the industrial park – OL No. 2876/CTBNI-TTHT dated 27 July 2023 issued by

Newsletter – August 2023

Important notes on Conditions of Foreign Loans applicable to borrowers who are not credit institutions, branches of foreign banks in

Newsletter – July 2023

Determine the discount on exchange bills and deferred interest in the formula for calculating total interest expense – OL No. 42369/CTHN-TTHT dated 19

Newsletter – June 2023

Tax policy in case the Company does not directly sell goods to consumers but by the system and retail facilities

Newsletter – May 2023

Policies on CIT incentives for expansion investment projects – OL No. 30027/CTHN-TTHT dated 4 May 2023 issued by the Tax Department of Ha Noi guides: Issuing VAT Invoices for

Newsletter – April 2023

Extension of tax payments in 2023 – Decree No. 12/2023/ND-CP dated 14 April 2023 issued by the Government stipulated the extension

Newsletter – March 2023

PIT policy for foreigners – OL No. 8204/CTHN-TTHT dated 28 February 2023 guides on PIT policy for foreigners as follows Guidance

Newsletter – February 2023

CIT incentives for software manufacturing enterprises – OL No. 60516/CTHN-TTHT dated 08 December 2022 stipulates CIT incentives for software manufacturing enterprises