Business Advisory

You may know what you need to do for the first step in your business, you must investigate about your scope of business and study prevailing procedures and regulations in investment, accounting and tax which pertain to your business objectives. You have to spend a lot of time, efforts and resources to get your business started.

We will release you from these concerns! By using our Business services, you will have the peace of mind to concentrate on your business goals and development.

  • Business Advisory

–       Business strategy
–       Registration of business establishment, branches and resident representative offices
–       Change of content of business operation
–       Dissolution of enterprises, branches, resident representative offices
–       Business information research and provision

  •  Human Resources Advisory

–       Recruitment
–       Preparing labor contracts
–       Work permit for foreigners working in Vietnam
–       Registration of Salary Scale, Labor regulation, Collective labor agreement
–       Salary Calculation, registration of Insurance


We are the first step as well as the next step for your successful business, contact us today for an initial consultation to discuss how we can help you further.

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