Newsletter – December 2022

  1. Overtime expenses for employee OL No. 3674/CTBNI-TTHT dated 08 November 2022 issued by the Tax Department of Bac Ninh guides
  2. Guidance on PIT finalization declaration OL No. 50820/CTHN-TTHT dated 20 October 2022 issued by Tax Department of Hanoi regulates
  3. VAT declaration for construction activities located in another province of the head quarter OL No. 53393/CTHN-TTHT dated 04 November 2022 issued by Hanoi Tax Department guidance
  4. FCT levied on income from providing the right of using trademark in Vietnam OL No. 51874/CTHN-TTHT dated 27 October 2022 issued by Hanoi Tax Department regulated
  5. Announcement of the “Lucky bills” program in Ho Chi Minh City OL No. 16142/TB-CTTPHCM  dated 27 October 2022 issued by the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City announce

Decree 126/2020/ND-CPKMC_Newsletter_December 2022 (EN version)

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    Newsletter – October 2023

    Instructions on defective and damaged goods during the production process – OL No. 796/TCT-CS dated 20 March 2023 issued by the General Tax Department guides as: Taxation on service of sample testing...

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    Determine the discount on exchange bills and deferred interest in the formula for calculating total interest expense – OL No. 42369/CTHN-TTHT dated 19 June 2023 issued by the Tax Department of Ha...

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