Newsletter – December 2021

  1. COPORATE INCOME TAX – Policy on invoices and tax obligations for capital transfer activities
  2. EXPORT TAX – Amending the preferential import and export tax, the list of goods and the rate of absolute tax, mixed tax, import tax out of the tariff quota
  3. LABOR – Working and resting time for employees doing jobs of seasonal production, processing by orders

KMC_Newsletter_December 2021 (EN version)

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    Newsletter – July 2023

    Determine the discount on exchange bills and deferred interest in the formula for calculating total interest expense – OL No. 42369/CTHN-TTHT dated 19 June 2023 issued by the Tax Department of Ha...

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    Newsletter – May 2023

    Policies on CIT incentives for expansion investment projects – OL No. 30027/CTHN-TTHT dated 4 May 2023 issued by the Tax Department of Ha Noi guides: Issuing VAT Invoices for goods temporarily imported for re-export – OL No. 27085/CTHN-TTHT dated 25...

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    Newsletter – April 2023

    Extension of tax payments in 2023 – Decree No. 12/2023/ND-CP dated 14 April 2023 issued by the Government stipulated the extension of tax (VAT, CIT, PIT) and land rental payments...

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